Digital Vaccines: Behavior Modification To Fuel Cybernetic Transformation

Digital Vaccines: Behavior Modification To Fuel Cybernetic Transformation


1 year
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Alison McDowell and Sayer Ji, and several thousand live viewers, dove deep into agendas operating behind the scenes, globally, intent on disenfranchising people. converting them into digital commodities and new investment markets. They not only discuss the mind-boggling extent of the problem but also the solutions we can start implementing NOW.

[This is the second of two interviews. The first can be found here: "COVID & the Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, Authentic Spiritual Activism"

50-slide presentation link:

*The government of Japan envisions a future where humans will "live" as avatars by 2050.
*Their Moonshot R&D program advances the idea of Society 5.0 where people are disconnected from physical bodies and minds in time and space. How do they plan to get there? How does fin-tech plan to reduce "life" to a virtualized replica? How will the billionaires make money along the way?
*We'll be talking about digital twinning in relation to gamified behavior regulation, wearables, and bio-nano-technology.
*A big piece of the puzzle is control of the food system, something the farmers in India are keenly aware of. Bill Gates, food-tech, Big Pharma, and the video game industry are working together in unexpected ways.
*We'll use Fooya, a new "digital vaccine" developed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon as a lens to examine these developments.

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Referenced related interview: "The Truth about Chemtrails, Transhumanism, Synthetic Biology, and the Global Lockdown" with Elana Freeland:
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