The Dangers of the Centralized Internet....and A SOLUTION You've Never Heard About

The Dangers of the Centralized Internet....and A SOLUTION You've Never Heard About


1 year
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Sayer Ji, founder of, interviews two of the founders of the open source, blockchain-based Web 3.0 project known as Qortal, Jason Crowe and Mike Winner.

The centralized internet is another name for an internet owned and controlled by less than 1% of the world. It is an internet without privacy, precariously dependent on centralized service providers whose failure would result in denial of access to all dependent websites, and where the user has only the illusion of choice when it comes to the type of content they are provided. Consider that
Amazon alone controls 40% of the cloud market. And that Twitter and Facebook recently de-platformed a sitting US president.

Information is the currency of democracy, so what happens when a few, unelected individuals and companies control the flow? How can democratic principles possible in such a situation?

In the past year, due to the response to Covid-19, we’ve seen the largest redistribution of wealth, power and influence the world has ever seen, under the auspices of “protecting the world against COVID.” We saw trillions of dollars being printed, entire countries locked down for months, millions of jobs lost and many driven online in order to find a way to make a living, connect with others, and survive the transformation of society and the world some have described as “The Great Reset” and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

How do we navigate these transitions? Is there a way to decentralize the internet, sharing information directly peer-to-peer without a “trusted third party,” or government or corporation, spying on us and capturing our data, whose value has become greater than oil in the new digital economy. How about our money? Do we need a “middle man” like a bank to execute and validate our transactions?

We’ll be asking and answering these, and many more questions, in the upcoming live interview with two of the founders of Qortal, an open source, collaborative project created by a group of visionary developers, now 7 years in development.

Join Sayer Ji with Mike Winner and Jason Crowe to discuss the launch of this completely new internet infrastructure. We'll be discussing blockchain, crypto, value/wealth creation and preservation, censorship, community building, activism, and much more!

Watch another informative interview with Jason Crowe here: Jason Crow From Qortal Project - "The Future Of Blockchain Platforms"

Learn about Qortal here:
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