COVID-19 Death Recording Manipulation Explained

COVID-19 Death Recording Manipulation Explained


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((Joy M. Fritz))
As a former death recording clerk, I offer my thoughts on the manipulative COVID-19 death recording directive from the National Vital Statistics System. This directive coaches physicians and vital record registrars to emphasise COVID-19 death records by ignoring previous standardised practices in coding deaths towards the long term underlying health condition in those patients that do have a significant underlying condition that would normally be listed as the underlying cause of death.

In the first 30 minutes of this video I offer:
👉An analysis of the National Vital Statistics System directive on how to report COVID-19 deaths.
👉The significance of this in context of our typical protocols for death recording.
👉An explanation of what the medical portion of the death record looks like and what the importance is of Part I and Part II.
👉Who provides causes of death, are coroners usually involved in investigating or are autopsies typically performed, and are reasons behind death thoroughly investigated?
👉Lots of links for further reading with a brief explanation of each (see links listed below).
In the last 40 minutes of this video I answer questions and discuss considerations from my public page readers:
- Are medical interventions, like ventilation, investigated as contributing to death?
- Are causes of death and the mortality statistics that result from them a scientific fact?
- Are we possibly underreporting COVID-19 deaths?
- What's the difference between dying WITH and dying FROM something?
- Flu shots correlating to more severe COVID-19 cases?- ...and many more!

Related article: The US Gov. Health Statistics Agency Directs Hospitals to Confirm Suspected COVID-19 Deaths As Confirmed

*Here are the links used or mentioned in the video for your own further reading and understanding of standard practices for death recording and coding in both a national and international frameworks, as well as the COVID-19 specific death recording issue:

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