The Perils and Promises of 2020 and The Great Reset: Sayer Ji's Analysis, Review & Suggestions

The Perils and Promises of 2020 and "The Great Reset": Sayer Ji's Analysis, Review & Suggestions


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2020 will go down in history as the beginning of a world historical shift of epochal proportions. Yet, we've only just begun to understand and feel the impacts of the changes initiated by the acceleration of multiple agendas -- spiritual, economical, political, environmental, biospheric -- on the back of "Covid," under the auspices of global "biosecurity." What is the underlying Narrative that aims to rule them all? What forces are we working with, and how do best navigate them? The livestream will include discussion on sovereignty, community, the control systems descending on the planet (5G, geoengineering, genetic modification, and vaccination), and the ways that we can connect and unite to bring in the new earth our hearts know is possible. Questions and comments are welcome! Get all our updates via our censorship free Telegram channel: Join the newsletter: Looking for an intentional community of individuals who share similar values? Join Vital Mind Reset (free 30 day trial) at this link:

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